Read This Guide To Pick Your Best Bongs

Suppose you have decided to get e new bong. Whether it’s your 1st or 15th bong, finding that perfect piece is exciting, but there is much to consider. Which size do you want, which shape do you want, do you want a percolator, and will you use it for flour or concentrate.

There are so many options out there, but there is also the best kind of bog waiting for you in the market, which will also be your favorite one.

Best kind of bongs

  • Scientific bongs – they’re called that because they look like they belong to the laboratory. There are so many different variations in these categories. There are no frills in this bong and also no percolators. It has a nice smooth tube with ice catch and a big base that allows huge rips.
  • Heavy Hitters – heavy hitters are known for their huge size. If you think you can take big old rips and more power, this might be the best option for best bongs.
  • Mini bongs – mini bongs come in a wide variety of colors and styles, but they are versatile, and you use them for flour or concentrate.

Best bongs

  • Bubblers – bubblers are convenient and discreet, just like a hand pipe, but you get the added benefit of water so that it will create a cool hit. The only downfall is they’re a little bit harder to clean because you can’t remove the bowl but, if you are looking for something easy for traveling or sitting around watching your favorite show, then this is the perfect piece for you.
  • Dab rig – dab rig is different from bongs because, unlike smoke, when vapors travel, they lose potency and flavor, so you’re going to get the smallest piece possible, but if you do want to have some flour every once in a while, just replace the quartz banger, and you’re good to go. 

As you can see, there are tons of options out there, and when it comes to finding that perfect piece, it is recommended to find the one that meets your need. Try different varieties and see for yourself which one suits you the best.

Best Custom Cup Printing Services

Are you looking for a unique way to promote your business or event? Custom cup printing services may be the perfect solution! By having your logo or design printed on custom disposable coffee cups, you can give your guests or customers a fun and memorable way to remember your brand or event.


  If you own a restaurant or coffee shop, then there are some things that you can’t go without. One of the most important is custom cup printing services. These are cups with your logo on them, and they’re great for building brand awareness while conveniently marketing for you.


Custom cup printing services aren’t just limited to coffee shops either! You can use them in a variety of different ways at any establishment. For example, a deli might want to print their name and contact information onto their cups to make it easy for customers to remember where they bought their sandwiches.


There are various cup printing methods available, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs. The most common cup printing methods include digital printing, screen printing, and thermal transfer printing.


Digital printing is a popular choice for small orders, as it is quick and easy to produce short-run quantities. With digital printing, your logo or design is printed directly onto the cups using specialized software and a digital printer. This method has high-quality results and requires very little setup time but is most effective with low-volume orders.

custom disposable coffee cups


Screen printing is one of the most popular custom cup printing services and offers an outstanding balance between quality and quantity. This method involves applying your chosen design to a mesh screen, which is stretched over the surface of the cups to create an image or text. The ink used in this process can vary from water-based inks for eco-friendly materials like PLA to solvent-based inks explicitly designed for use on paper – such as coated paper cups – to achieve exceptionally vibrant colors and designs. Since screen printing uses multiple screens per color (up to 5 screens per color), it allows you to print up to five different colors simultaneously! Screen printing is an excellent option for high-volume orders.


Thermal transfer printing is another standard cup printing method that uses heat to apply your design or logo to the surface of the cups. This process works by transferring your image from a thermal transfer ribbon onto the cups and is perfect for logos or designs with a lot of detail. Thermal transfer printing produces high-quality results and is ideal for large orders, as it can print up to 10,000 cups per hour!


No matter what printing method you choose, custom cup printing can be a great way to promote your business or event. By providing your guests or customers with fun and unique cups, you can help them remember your brand or event long after they’ve left.

Privileges Of High-Quality Disposable Ice Cream Cups

When one hears the word ice cream, the first thing that comes to mind is a delicious sweet treat, but there is much more behind it than just a frozen delight. There are many benefits of high-quality disposable ice cream cups. Those who have been in this business for years will tell you that the best tasting and most succulent ice creams come from those who offer their customers top-rate products. In addition to producing better-tasting treats, higher-quality dishes also give businesses another huge advantage: they ultimately save money and time.


If your company serves all kinds of flavored ices, then the chances are that you already know how important it is to use high-quality disposable ice cream cups. The reason for this is quite simple – it is cheaper to use them than to invest in different types of dishes. This is especially true if you sell your ices in cups. Instead of using plastic or any other kind of material, these kinds of plates are best as they do not melt and give the impression that those who eat your ices are getting more out of it.


Another benefit to these kinds of paper ice cream cups is that they can be reused and thus provide a better appearance for more extended periods. Before you start thinking about how expensive this would be, think again – top-quality bowls and dishes designed only for flavored ice may cost up to $3 per item, even at wholesale prices! That means that with just 100 items, you will already have spent $300 on something likely to be used multiple times. Compare this to the price of a regular paper or plastic cup, which is just a few cents each.


The bottom line is that high-quality disposable ice cream cups are an investment for your business and can make a big difference when it comes to customer satisfaction. Not only do they provide better tasting ices, but they also look great and save you time and money in the long run. When it comes to making your business more successful, there is nothing quite like using the right tools! 

Ice cream cups are an essential part of any ice cream business. They come in different sizes and shapes, but all have one common purpose: to hold ice cream. There are many benefits of high-quality disposable ice cream cups.


When one hears the word ice cream, the first thing that comes to mind is a delicious sweet treat, but there is much more behind it than just a frozen delight. There are many benefits of high-quality disposable ice cream cups. Those who have been in this business for years will tell you that the best tasting and most succulent ice creams come from those who offer their customers top-rate products. In addition to producing better-tasting treats, higher-quality dishes also give businesses another huge advantage: they ultimately save money and time.

Follow Moving Checklist Before Hireing

Moving Checklist

Are you thinking about moving? The best is to create a proper plan. If you’re a little bit forgetful, then a checklist can be handy for you. Create a checklist for your situation, describe the boxes, and describe the content of each box. If you do not know too much about what needs to be done, it is better to look at some moving tips for creating a proper moving checklist.

There are certainly many moving tips and tricks, but we will give you a head start on creating your list of things with the help of these helpful suggestions. This list may be very different for everyone, but the main things that will go into your checklist are still the same, so you do not have to think for yourself from scratch. 

Make a budget

The first thing to do is to prepare a budget for moving. You have probably already heard the saying, “To live within your means,” but this is something you should follow when moving. Moving across town or the country will cost money. Save as much as you can before you start moving so that it does not affect your financial stability, or worse, your mental stability that will be no different after moving.

One of the most essential parts of creating a moving checklist is to communicate with your movers & packers in advance. Do internet research to find the best packers and movers in your area. Make sure to check them out before booking an appointment through their website, reviews, or doing a telephone interview. 

Create a timeline

If you create a timeline before the fun part of moving starts, you will ensure that all your goals are achieved on time. This means things like packing boxes and new housing conditions that you are not used to will not disrupt you, which means that you can move in an orderly fashion. Make sure to check things off your list as they go out of the door and into their new home.

Create a timeline of the most important things you need to remember from packing your belongings and finding new accommodations. Give yourself plenty of time to breathe because there are undoubtedly several other tasks that will be useful for you to do before moving day comes. If you also want to make an easy-to-use moving checklist, it is very useful to follow the tips below. 

Create a packing list

The more organized you are, the easier it will be for you to pack. Gather all the things that need to go into each box in one place so that when it comes time to pack, your list is complete and ready to execute. That will also help you determine how many boxes the number of items you’re packing requires. This can help you avoid overpaying for boxes because it will be easy to determine how many supplies you need.

Make sure that the list you created is easy to read for everyone who will be involved in your move, including movers, family members, and friends. Be as thorough as possible with this list so that nothing is forgotten. It may also be helpful to take photos of things like appliances so that there are no questions about what they are and where they go. 

experience stress-free while traveling

Plan your packing

Making your packing list is not just useful for you, and it’s also useful to let others know what needs to be packed in which box so that everything is where it should be when it comes to unloading time. For example, if you have various kitchen boxes, write what they contain on the side of these boxes so that others can help you. If you’ve your boxes, then it will be even easier for you to prepare.

You do not have to worry about whether or not your boxes are being packed and stacked at the right time and everything in its place when you hire a moving company to handle the process for you. Make sure to agree with them in advance on how many people will be involved in packing your belongings and what they will do when it is done. 

Choose a moving date

If you like to pack and move, choose a moving date that works well for your schedule. You can choose specific dates or just take the free first time. If you have already chosen a moving date, then decide how much notice you need to give to your landlord or building manager so that they know everything is under control. Plan your traveling time so that you are not too early or too late, but after the moving company has finished packing your things and you have started driving to your new home.

If possible, try to leave more time than you think you need because there may be some unexpected delays on your way to your new home. If you have children, hire a babysitter so that you can experience stress-free while traveling. As soon as you arrive at your new home, start unpacking and unboxing. After all, nothing needs to be left behind in boxes for months on end. 

Visit the new location

Don’t forget to add on visiting the new location in your moving checklist. You will want to check the condition of the new home, especially if it’s empty. Check for any damages that may have occurred during transport, especially if you are not present for this. If things need to be fixed or adjusted, then make sure they get done before moving day so that nothing disrupts your move-in process.

You can also make sure that the home is in good repair and meets your needs before moving into a new home. Since moving is a busy time for most people, you should only do essential things for your move-in process. If you can think of more tasks, then make sure to add them to your list as well. Then, create a separate checklist with these non-essential items so that they become easy to accomplish.


Moving is a very stressful process. If you take the time to create a moving checklist, then this can make it much easier for you and those who help you. You will not forget anything if everything is on paper, making your life easier. This article provides insight into moving checklists and more information regarding what they are.

Reasons for Choosing Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Diamond jewelers in Albuquerque has given fine jewelry such as engagement rings, wedding bands, watches, and other exclusive gifts to its customers to celebrate special events such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. There are a several types of diamonds are available on the market. Some are encrusted with precious stones, while others have intricate engravings.

None have been able to match a diamond’s awe-inspiring aura. It’s no surprise that it’s the most common engagement ring style. A sparkling diamond is universally admired as a sign of marriage and emotional connection between two soul mates. The best thing is that you can design your own engagement ring for a more personalized look.

Reasons why most people choose a Diamond Engagement Ring

Many people select a diamond from jewelry stores in Albuquerque for their engagement ring for a variety of reasons. The enlightenments why some people want a diamond are mentioned below.


A diamond can endure wear and tear for a lifetime, maintaining its faceting and high polish. As a result, many antique diamonds are still being re-circulated today, with some also being re-cut into better proportioned versions. The everlasting essence of a couple’s relationship is often reflected in the eternal nature of their relationship. A diamond ring would also be more resistant to daily wear.


A diamond’s exceptional fire is one of the few qualities that distinguish it from other stones. When light refracts and bounces out of the round brilliant, it creates fire and brilliance.


Diamonds are traded on a global scale and have very unique values. Diamonds, both rough and polished, would have intrinsic value. The value of a diamond is determined by four factors after it has been cut and polished. The stone’s color (or whiteness), clarity, cut, and carat weight are all factors to consider. While there are different levels of value (trade, retail sale price, and insurance value), a diamond will retain its value, will not die, and will not rot, and for certain people, investing in diamonds is much safer than investing in financial companies.


For others, the expense of an engagement ring is a symbol of dedication in and of itself. Many people regard the modern practice of buying a valuable engagement ring as an integral part of demonstrating dedication and partnering for life, regardless of whether the ring is purchased with money or saved for.

Color Neutrality

This may not sound like an obvious explanation for a diamond ring, but when worn every day with a wide variety of clothing colors, a white diamond would be very neutral against a colorful wardrobe. Combined with the whiteness of Platinum or White Gold, the ring remains a regular ornament, regardless of its importance, sentiment, or intent. The color of the stone should be taken into account in the same way as the color of metal.

Making Your Purchase of Musical Instruments Worthwhile

Music has been a huge part of many people’s lives. Some love listening while others want to take part in its creation. This is where having a musical instrument becomes handy as this makes it easier to make music at your very own leisure and pace. Fortunately, modern technology has contributed greatly as people now will be able to buy musical instruments online at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. Let us look at some tips on how to help you get the most out of your online purchase.

Look for Deals 

It should be noted that musical instruments often lean towards the more expensive side of the spectrum. These items are not cheap especially if you decide to get one from reputable brands. Furthermore, it is also important that you don’t go too cheap with instruments as this will have an effect on the quality of music that you are making. Many individuals, however, were able to buy musical instruments online without spending a fortune by looking for deals and discounts. Several online stores offer promos such as a clearance sale for their items giving their customers a good amount of opportunity to buy some of their products without paying full price.

Get the Complementary Accessories 

You can use the musical instruments that you’ve bought online right away, however, you can take the overall experience up a notch by getting some of its accessories. A good example of this is the guitar picks which are known to help increase playing speed. A guitar strap would also be handy which allows owners to carry their instrument with ease while also reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. This in turn makes it a good idea to research some of their accessories first that you will want to include with your purchase.

Find a Trusted Store 

People today will not be finding any shortage of stores that sell musical instruments. Furthermore, many of these stores have also been slowly setting up and integrating their products over the internet for easy access and reach. With that being said, it is best that you get your instruments from a trusted provider.

A general merchandise store may have some of the instruments that you are looking for but the selection is limited. Going for a reputable store, however, goes a long way in helping make your purchase safe and secured. We mentioned earlier, how expensive some instruments tend to get which makes it more important to get the most out of your purchase. A store that specializes in selling these musical instruments often has features such as servicing and repairs that can help keep your items in good shape and condition.

6 Shoppings dos and don’ts

Have you ever had the feeling that you have a full closet of clothes but nothing to wear? It’s usually because our clothes don’t go well with each other. For example, if most of the clothes have different patterns, textures, and designs, it’ll be difficult to put together a good outfit. This is why most stylists advise starting with a simple wardrobe of classic pieces that mix and match with each other as well as with more trendy items. But even knowing all this, we are all still guilty of making mistakes that not only ruin our style and fashion sense but also waste our money. Here are dos and don’ts while shopping:

Don’t buy clothes on sales

Don’t get me wrong, sales are great, and they can come especially handy if you want to buy some basic items at a lower price, for example some classic blue jeans that are usually way out of your budget. However, while shopping on sales we are frequently overwhelmed by the variety of cheap clothes and we end up buying a lot more than we actually need (and even want!). Often, there could be a reason why an item is on sale: it may be that it is from an older collection, which is totally fine, or it may be because it has some flaws, such as cracks, or rips, so keep an eye out for these as well.

Invest in high-quality fabrics

Avoid very cheap or cheap-looking synthetic material: some of them may look good at the first sight, but they will lose their shape and color after a few washes. Otherwise, you will have to buy a new piece of the same clothing every season, no matter how good you will take care of it. It is always better to invest some extra money in clothes that you will wear multiple times a week, such as a pair of jeans or a jumper. Check out Tara Irish Clothing for some high-quality Irish sweaters made of Merino wool, one of the finest and most practical fabrics available these days. And Irish sweaters are a worth investment for the long run as they are qualitative and versatile.

Don’t go shopping if you are in a rush

If you know exactly what you want and where to get that particular thing, great! But most people tend to spend a lot of time in the stores even when they have an exact idea of what they want to buy. It is better to never go shopping while in a hurry, because in this case, we risk buying the first thing that we see and that we more or less like, without comparing the assortment and prices of the other stores. It’s very important to follow this rule when shopping for an important item such as a prom dress or a wedding suit; set aside a day or even a couple of days to find the best option possible.

Ask for help

Never hesitate to ask for help, specifically if you are in need of a specific item or are unsure of your measurements. When it comes to measurements, keep in mind that the same size will often look very different in various t stores, so help will be much needed when shopping somewhere especially for the first time. The shop employees are there to advise you, so feel free to seek assistance if you need anything particular or want to find out more about current sales, collections, or discounts. Also, bonus friendly advice, don’t feel anxious when they approach you as soon as you walk into the store: it could be a part of the internal policy of the place, or it could be something specifically requested by their manager.

Don’t make impulse purchases

When you saw the midi floral dress in the video of that one influencer that you’re following, you immediately went to the link in the description and added it to the cart. A few days later, when it finally arrives, you put it on and it just doesn’t look. right. You’ve never been a fan of midi dresses, and you’ve always believed that floral designs don’t look good on you, so why exactly did you waste your money on this piece? It is really tempting to slip into the trap of making impulsive purchases especially now in the peak popularity of social media. It is not wrong to buy something only because an influencer recommended it, but make sure this thing actually fits you and goes well with your style before spending your money on it.

Do the research on what suits you and what doesn’t

Be sure to do research on what type of clothing fits you and complements your boy and style and what items you should avoid. It can be very challenging, especially when you are only at the beginning of creating your perfect wardrobe and you want to experiment with different looks, textures, and styles, but make sure you have an idea of what looks good on you and what doesn’t. For example, bright pink may be your favorite color, but it just doesn’t look as good on you as baby blue or purple does. Learn more about your body shape and skin undertones; this will help you in creating a wardrobe that is uniquely designed to your lifestyle, needs, and fashion aspirations. A great recommendation would be to take a photo of how a certain outfit looks on you: sometimes what we see differs from how it really looks.

Want to enjoy your fitness activity with perfect dress

The fashion world already has a storm of biggest options to choose the trending wears, but when it comes to gym workout wear or summer comfort wear you will be stuck in confusion about where to start. Although the unique choice is tights it is really hard to find the right one as there are different types of tights are available such as,

  • Printed tights
  • Black tights
  • Compression tights
  • Tights with pockets
  • High waist tights
  • Yoga tights

Likewise, still, there are several options available in the tights or leggings besides all these, there is a separate category for YOGA SÆT which makes you feel comfortable in yoga activity.

What you should check in Tights?

When it comes to Yoga or Gym tights comfort and shape play a vital preference which makes your workout good enough. So, make sure to check for pure fabric-made tights to have a better life. Moreover, when the material is pure fabric, it remains to be moisture-wicking one that absorbs all your sweat during your workout. If you prefer to have shape tights it is super soft on the touch and it feels like a second skin and they do not slip off soon. So always do have a personal preference when it comes to tights or leggings either comfort, shape, workout or yoga, or gym tights. All these make you find the right fit for you!

The right place to get leggings/Tights?

Several places pop up when you search for the tights or leggings but if you look for a comforter one then miss fitness would be the right place to fulfill all your needs. Here you can find all types of tights or leggings, different patterns, brands, and fitness.

Are you a fitness lover? No worries the YOGA SÆT will offer you multiple options where you may confuse what to select and what to leave. Currently, the site comes with a summer sale of 30% in all branded leggings and tights which gives you a chance of getting bargained price rates for awesome branded tights. Besides the sale, you have options for yoga trousers, shorts, matching sets for tops, seamless tights high waist, squat proof, classic tights. All these types make your workout comfortable and ease out.

Moreover, all these collections come with summer-designed trendy patterns so what else is needed just grab yours at the right place and enjoy your workout with perfect fits!

Best sweater styles to wear

Sweaters are universal garments. You can wear a warm one or a lightweight one. You can wear one at the office or on a date. You can wear it with a more classic outfit or with a casual one. Whatever the occasion and whatever your style is, you can always find a sweater for it. There are different styles of sweaters you can wear in the fall, in winter, in spring, or in-between seasons. What you choose depends on your taste.

Irish sweaters

Irish sweaters are the most iconic type of sweaters. This is because they have their specific knitting patterns, which are complex and have a rich texture. These patterns are a testament to the beautiful knitting tradition of the Aran Islands. Traditionally, Aran sweaters were knitted from thick and heavy wool. Nowadays, they are made of softer and more lightweight wool. Aran sweaters are fit for any style if you wear them right. You can look classy, dreamy, casual professional, or simply casual. Whatever you’re going for, the Aran sweater will add depth to your look because it is a rich and timeless style.

The cardigan

The cardigan is the most versatile layering. You can wear it over a shirt or T-shirt with jeans, you can wear it over a dress or a blouse with a skirt. It is a garment that is both chic and comfortable to wear. There are different types of cardigans. There are long cardigans, who work perfectly with jeans or dresses. There are shawl collar cardigans, which are super chic and can instantly transform a casual outfit into a stylish one. On the cold day of the year, you have the chunky neat cardigan to keep you warm and cozy.

The polo sweater

A polo sweater can be worn in a variety of stylish ways. You can tuck it in your trousers or skirt and wear a blazer on top for the perfect business casual look and you can also wear it with a pair of jeans for a casual everyday look. You can wear an oversize or a slim fit, it’s all about how you style it. If you style them right, they’re going to take your outfit up a notch. Another great thing about it is that it’s lightweight, so it is the perfect sweater for spring or early fall. Besides, it is a style that is widely popular at the moment.

Sweater vests

Sweater vests are also a cool trend. The classic look is to wear a sweater vest over a blouse. Sweater vests can also be worn solo with a pair of straight pants or a pencil skirt for a chich look. There are many sweater vests styles that are popular in 2021. There is the preppy-style vest, the button knit one, or the oversized one. Each of them gives its own special touch to the outfit. They come in many different colors and patterns, so you can always enrich your outfit with something interesting and new.

How to Find Patches for Your Jacket

One of the most important ways to customize and personalize your jacket is by adding patches. There are several different types of patches that you can add, but some people find it challenging to figure out where they should go on their jackets. In this article, we will cover all aspects related to finding the correct patch for your jacket so that you can show off your style without compromising durability.

Different Types of Patches

There are many types of patches that can be applied to a jacket. Small patches, like embroidered patches, are trendy. A patch can be the perfect way to touch up an old jacket with a new style. Other options for a jacket patch include combination patches, woven patches, and dye-sublimation patches.

By learning more about the types of patches out there, you will find the best type to put on your jacket. Look at these patches on various jackets. You can find different types of patches manufactured for different purposes, such as reflective or light-up. The most important thing to keep in mind when looking for new patches is finding the style that you’re after.

Best Place to Buy Patches

If you’re looking for how to style patches, the best thing you can do is order them online. When you order online, you will be able to see a variety of patches. You’ll be able to choose from various patches, all in the size that you need.

When looking for patches, it’s important to look for stores that offer a variety of options and reliable customer service. It would help if you had confidence that the patches you order will arrive safely and securely. You should also feel assured that your items won’t take too long to ship by reading the customer reviews to see the condition of previous shipments.

Right Size of the Patch

Not only will you need to gauge your needs when shopping for coat patches, but you’ll have to keep in mind how big the patch should be. Choosing a patch can be complicated; It is recommended to consider where to place the patch on your jacket. When deciding on the size of the patch to use, please take into account where you’ll place it: a smaller patch is better for shirts and neckties. If you’re looking for a patch to cover the back of your jacket, you’ll need an entirely different type and size of the patch.

When buying patches online, you will want to be sure to take the time to read through product descriptions and check to size information. To find the best patch for your jacket, a measuring tape will help you determine how big the patch should be.

What to Avoid While Buying Patches

If you want to replace the patches on your jacket, don’t buy any with a Velcro backing. When the jacket is worn, over time, the Velcro used to hold patches in place may stretch and cause them to become loose. Avoid patches with self-adhesive backing for similar reasons.

One of the first things you should focus on when finding a patch is how easily it can be sewn into your jacket. Some patches are designed to have one-way adhesive, which makes them simpler and quicker to attach than using sewing thread. It is important to know how to find patches for your jacket to be worn without the patches ruining the fabric.

Custom Patch

When looking for specific patches, scouring the market for something that fulfills your needs can be time-consuming. A new and fresh patch is a great addition to your jacket, but it can be not easy to figure out what you’re looking for.

For a more affordable option, custom patches can be an excellent choice. You can create a specific design for embroidery or customize it with buttons! Afterward, the patch will be custom-made just for you. To order patches for a club, you can even have a large batch of patches made.

Patches for jackets are available pretty much anywhere, but the best place to go is a military surplus store because you will find an intriguing variety of patches. Whether you need to customize a denim jacket, nylon jacket, or leather jacket, patches will give you the control and individuality that you want. Find the best patch for your favorite jacket, see what’s available and focus on finding a perfect match.

Choose Patch that can be Easy in Applying on Jacket

There are several methods you can use to attach a patch to your jacket. If you’re handy with a needle and thread, you can choose to sew on a patch instead of having someone else do it. If you’re going for that punk look, safety pins are a great way to add patches. They work well for event-specific or band-related attire, and they hold up even when your jacket is cinched in the back.

On the other hand, an iron-on patch is an additional option. As the name implies, these patches can be secured to a jacket with an iron. These patches are fairly straightforward to apply and usually offer great results. Plastic patches, which are closed onto the jacket using fabric glue, are another excellent option.


The first step in finding the perfect jacket patch is finding an appropriate place to attach it. You may want to try a belt loop, zipper pull tab, or front pleat to place your embroidered logo or design. Once you’ve found the right spot on your coat, check out our catalog and order some patches!