How To Get the Perfect Plus-Sized Activewear

Though its purchase can be a stressful experience sometimes, activewear is something that should blend function with style. A sports bra, for instance, isn’t much good if it looks great, but doesn’t offer the control it should. The idea is very similar to that underlying problem with shapewear, when 3 different brands of D Cup produce 3 different sized bras, highlighting the importance of what is known as ‘the bra sisters‘. Given that back, pelvic, and should pain is intricately connected to the way in which bodyweight is distributed and supported, it is critical that people be aware of this when engaging in physical activity.

What Does Activewear Do?

Many may be wondering exactly what activewear is meant to do. For starters, it is worn by those engaged in yoga, tennis, cycling, running, and more. In fact, activewear can be useful for just about any physical endeavour. The specific pieces necessary will depend on the type of activity and how much physical impact in entails, how long the activity will be, and what other types of clothing will be worn at the same time.

Lower-Impact Exercise

Layers are key when it comes to choosing clothes for lower-impact endeavours. Such activities include walking, yoga, and the like. While these do not bring as much impact to bear on the body, they tend to last longer than others. Looser layers that can be worn for long periods are ideal. You will not need additional wiring in a bra for such activities, as comfort will be a priority. Wide straps that stretch well work best. Waistband strength will be important, so opt for high-waisted options.

Mid-Range Impact

Tennis, or other mixed-impact sports may require a bit of additional impact to the body, so you may need to up the support level in terms of your garments for such endeavours. Always make sure to choose clothes that suit the highest degree of impact you may face during a given workout.

High-Level Impact

When running, playing football, or doing something with greater physical impact, seek out activewear that can accommodate that. This means more than just a highly supportive sports bra, though you will need this as well. Seek out wide straps that offer padding and strong support. If you can’t find a bra with sufficient under-wiring or structure, consider layering with a sports vest as well.

Important Features
To understand what you should be seeking when shopping for plus-sized activewear, keep several things in mind. You will want wicking fabric that breathes and draws moisture away from the the skin. Cotton fabrics tend to be uncomfortable because they do not provide this functionality. Fortunately, most activewear brands conduct sufficient product research and integrate this type of design into their items.

Best Tops

In terms of tops and sports bras, those with wide straps are best. They are even more effective if the straps are padded. A longer shirt or over-layer is great for providing coverage and ensuring that everything you are wearing stays where you want it throughout the workout.

Ideal Bottoms

No matter if you choose shorts, capris, leggings, or yoga-style pants, high waists are always best. This keeps the bottom contained no matter what moves you do.


This is where your supportive foundation will be. The greater the support level, the better off you will be. Longer undershorts are great to halt chafing, and wide waistbands help things stay put.

Cool Weather Gear

If you tend to exercise outdoors, be certain to have the right clothes for the weather. Base layer pieces can remain constant, but you will want to throw on some looser top layers in a longer design.

The bottom line is that you just need to remember the rules of thumb that apply to shapewear when you go to select activewear. Buy appropriate sizes, use a layering strategy, and top for wide straps and bands at the breast, shoulder, and around the waist. After that, the freedom to choose colours and fabric patterns is all yours!