Tips To Decorating A Barn Wedding Venue Essex

Wedding Venue

Most couples crave for a barn wedding where they are surrounded by Christmas lights, markets, awesome wagon rides and enchanting lace decorations. As the farm is an open place with limited availability of resources, it is difficult to organize a barn wedding. To organize any function in the barn, lots of planning is required. But, it is worth organizing things in the barn for there are endless possibilities of taking breathless photographs. To save cost on the barn wedding venue in Essex while organizing a wedding is sticking to a minimum and going with an uncluttered and rustic look in the barn.

Wedding Venue

Place green plants in the doorways

There is something very romantic and enchanting with the barn setting for you will find the use of reclaimed wood, lighting decoration and greenery all around. Place greenery all throughout the doorway to make the venue more inviting.

Personalize the space

Barn wedding venue in Essex is such a place which acts as a black canvas to allow you to experiment, add personal touches to the area and depict your personality and style. Create a ‘cookie cutter ‘ wedding venue by taking inspiration from Pinterest and other sites to add whimsy to the barn space.

Minimalist decor is the trend

There is no need to choose expensive flowers for decoration. If you opt for an uncluttered and purely rustic look, you may avoid spending more on the flowers. Creating beautiful and yet simple centrepieces with Mason jars for it is really feminine.

Create beautiful indoors and outdoors

Use string lights to add magic to the indoor and outdoor areas. Use decorative curtains and proper lighting to create a magical and romantic ambience. It is a great idea to organize the reception outdoors under the stars. Inside the barn, you may arrange a dance floor and organize the DJ.

How to do barn lighting?

The use of decorative lights can simply transform the area and make it sparkle with life. To warm up the area and to add a soft glow to space, you may use Edison bulbs. Don’t forget the entry point, the poles and beams while doing the light decoration.

Reclaimed wood to create beautiful centrepieces

You will find hundreds of wooden centrepieces to choose from with the event organizer. Beautiful centrepieces magnificently create structure’s personality and weave the entire look together. The use of reclaimed wood may add to the elegance of your country setting.

There are thousands of similar ideas when it comes to creating beautiful wedding venues of the barn. Don’t forget to use wheat elements in the barn for the venue decoration.