Learn How Durian Vacuum Packing Helps Home Users

Vacuum packaging is a commercial method that has been used in durian packaging for several years. If you look at groceries packaged in a store, you will find that dry durians are packed in plastic bags, and other sticky durians are packed in containers that keep air out of the container. These are not just sealed storage, as they are packed after air is sucked into the inside of the bag or container, and the air container is no longer allowed inside. Thus, products can be packaged and stored for several days and weeks, depending on the packaging’s quality. And home users can now take advantage of this air suction method as sealing machines are now available for kitchen countertops.

Preventing Freezer Burns

The traditional way of storing durian requires freezing in airtight containers. If you remove them after a few days, you will find that the freezer’s surface is burnt. This is because the moisture from the surface disappears due to dehydration. As a result, the durian will become skin, and the flavor will be completely lost. Using the vacuum pack durian Singapore method, all these burns in the freezer can be avoided as the cold or dry air will not affect the durian packed inside.

Poachers insight

Vacuum cooking is a cooking method in which food is steamed in an airless environment. Once you’ve sealed the paid flavor in machine-sealed airtight bags, you can quit poaching and get ready.

Remove dirt

When vacuum packaging is used with a commercial vacuum sealant, there will be no oxygen around the packed durian. This makes the environment undesirable for the development and reproduction of microorganisms. In this way, most of the contamination that can damage it can be prevented. If you are concerned that anaerobic organisms may damage your durian, you should follow the appropriate procedures before sealing.

This alone allows you to store products in vacuum packaging 5 times longer than otherwise if they were not vacuum packed.

But if you chill or freeze it on the farm, of course, you can keep it longer without spoiling.

And since bacterial microorganisms are less active at low temperatures, it was not originally assumed that eating chilled durians could be a great danger.

But it was found that some microorganisms can survive and be fatal to the elderly and sick. Therefore, from time to time, these issues are brought to the public’s attention in the media.

In conclusion, we see at least one case where the government’s concern led to the creation of a committee whose main concern was to protect a man or woman on the street. This has led to data publication that contains safety recommendations to protect the public and reduce public concern.