Three Top Ways for Creating Shopify Filtering

Shopify Apps is the platform made to ease creation of the online store & make this highly convenient for the users.

  • You may use some basic Shopify collection filter using tags implemented in a theme code;
  • You may buy & download applications for the Shopify in an official store;
  • Although you may go your way & build the custom filtering application.

Pros & Cons of both the Ways

Tag filtering in the Shopify themes:

    • Many applications for the places to sell, adding and finding products, customer retention,       creating the social proof, upselling && cross-selling;
    • Complete descriptions of every product;
    • Free trial version;
    • inexpensive tariff plans;
  • Shopify URL filters will update resource to latest version.

Creating the Shopify filter app:

  • Offers personalization of the store;
  • Offers the effective solutions to the specific tasks for navigation.;
  • An only disadvantage is higher cost of a product.

There are some services that will meet the global e-commerce outputs. You are assured to get the custom Shopify filter application that can ensure implementation of the business plans in your budget. This does not add any further value for the user, adds extra distracting elements to a page as well as affects SEO for both the pages and website as one.

Will my site’s SEO get affected by the issue?

Around 95% of websites we check & that never did SEO activities will have the problem. So if you are are having any kind of doubts? Well, there is simple to check out!

Step 1 – Visit your collection pages, and pick the biggest one.

Step 2 – locate the filter on a page, filters will be presented, as faceted navigation & are located above these products or on left bar, depending on the design.

Step 3 – Choose the filter to see if URL is changing. Suppose you have got append with “?” – then you are fine. But, if you have got something like: /collections/bags/red – then you have to check your set-up.


Customers aren’t patient. They would like to find out the product that they want fast so that they will buy this & move on a next thing on to do list. Whenever you have the huge number of the products and collections on Shopify store, you have to find the way for customers to filter products that they do not want, and to reveal just what they wish to see.

Use Shopify product filter applications we have highlighted to give our customers an ability. More they will filter out the irrelevant products, more they are possible to spend & you may expect the less cart abandonment. Thus, which of these apps you are going to select?