The Bride Looks More Happier Than Ever Before

Marriage is a beautiful and complex thing, the joining of two hearts and two souls as one, but this is the moment where father and daughter move far from each other. Usually, the father of the bride speech begins by thanking the guests for attending his daughter’s marriage but ends with remembering all the crazy moments with his daughter. From the moment when the daughter held in the hospital, the father knew that she will always be a little girl for him. The father would never be happier before than the daughter’s wedding day. Being the father of the bride is a huge responsibility to give a speech and it’s the most beautiful gift he would give her ever. A father always tries to make his daughter happy and he does everything to see her happier than before. But she looks happier than ever before on her wedding day. The way she has been dressed up and the way she looks is really beautiful because that will be the most important day in her life. She will always remain a little princess for his father and having a daughter feels lucky for every father and they feel it as a responsibility. Fathers never thing her daughter as a burden in his life.

The happiest moment for every father in their life is when the daughter is born. Probably, daughters are the female version of their father. Every father doesn’t try to hold his daughter forever but he supports and encourages her in every situation. For every father, the n is his son till he gets a wife but his daughter is daughter till the end of his life. A parent is one of the few people who can have the joy and pleasure his daughter through father of the bride speech. It’s easy for everyone to give a normal speech but for a father, giving a speech on her daughter makes him cry because its an emotion-filled love and it’s not most easy to speak. The daughters will grow very faster. Since they are born they live with there father and spare most of the time with him. Although it’s hard for him to let her go it’s a systematic rule from the ancestors but he feels happy when he sees his daughter as a bride. It’s now time for her for the transition from daughter to wife.