Plus Size Fashion Tips- Traditional wear for this season!

If your cousin or your BFF is getting married this wedding season and you have nothing to wear, we are here to help you out. Buying new clothes for every wedding festivities might not be feasible, so mixing and matching your outfits is one smart way to rock and roll through the ceremonies.

If you’re tired of wearing the same old lehenga choli in this hot weather or don’t want to go the traditional way in a saree, wearing a plus size kurtis is the next best option. You can wear a plus size kurti if you want to stay lowkey in this heat. If you’ve got plus size kurtis in your wardrobe, we show you unique ways to rock them at the wedding celebrations.

  1. Kurti with palazzo: This is an ideal combination to wear when you’re attending the pre-wedding festivities of your BFF. A pretty embroidered plus size kurti such as the one studded with intricate phulkari work can be paired with a plain palazzo. You can pair your look with a brocade dupatta in the same colour palette. Mixing prints is another option which will give you a fashionable look.
  1. Kurti with lehenga: You can pair your designer kurti with a lehenga if you’re up for some experiment. If your leggings or pants are too simple and you want to sport a heavily embellished look, swap the leggings with your lehenga or a matching skirt with intricate embroidery on it. You can ditch the dupatta to achieve a classic Bohemian look.

heavily embellished kurti

  1. Kurti with sharara: The good old sharara never goes out of style, which is why you can ditch the top and pair your kurti with your sharara pants for a combination look. If both your sharara pants and kurti are heavily embroidered, you can opt for a plain sheer dupatta to balance out the look.
  1. Kurti as a saree blouse: How about trying to wear your saree in a different way this time? The next time you wear a saree, ditch the blouse for your kurti. A heavily embellished kurti will look great on a relatively simple blouse to balance the look. You will indeed become a trendsetter if you carry this experimental risk with confidence.
  1. Kurti as a dress: Kurtis is such a versatile fashion outfit that you can even wear them as a dress. If your designer kurti has no slits on the sides, you can wear them as a one-piece dress. Pair them with your heels or wedges, and you’re good to rock any wedding-related event. You can go sans accessories to pull off this look, especially if your kurti is already a heavily embroidered one. You can experiment with the size of the kurti, such as knee-length or ankle-length.

A great way to carry a plus size kurti is accessorising it with traditional jewellery like earrings, rings or necklaces. In addition, you can opt for a chic hairdo, such as wearing your hair down in curls or soft waves or even styling it straight or in some classic updo.

The A To Z To Know About Sports Shorts For Women

The appropriate sports shorts can make the difference between rubbing the thighs as well as chasing their goals. In fact, most of the gym-lovers mainly report that putting on their athletic apparel mainly motivates them to hit the gym. Some of the tips to consider for choosing the sports shorts women have been discussed in this article.

sports shorts women

Tips to consider for buying the sports shorts for women


Below are some of the important considerations one must consider for choosing the best sports shorts for women:


  1. It is necessary to choose a material which is mainly suitable for the climate. Most synthetic fabrics have sweat-soaking capabilities that mainly can help the user to maintain a lower body temperature. This will also help to decrease sweat retention after doing exercise in the heat. It is necessary to look for a short which has got multidimensional movement. Some of the natural materials like cotton, bamboo, as well as merino wool mainly retain less odor as compared to synthetics.
  2. It is necessary to consider the right fit material. For cardio as well as the activities which mainly involve a lot of motion, one must opt for those shorts which mainly help someone to feel uninfluenced. For the intense strength training exercises, one will want the shorts which are mainly flexible as well as lightweight. The material must still offer support.
  3. The gym shorts aren’t just about performance. The person who is wearing must look good too. One must choose the sports shorts which will fit their style. One will want pockets that mainly allow someone to follow their routine. The open pockets will mainly help someone to carry their keys to the gym. But a zipped pocket will be more secure for keeping their phone.
  4. The perfect workout wear must be extra durable. This mainly allows the user to use most of it.

Benefits of wearing the sports shorts


  1. Wearing sports shorts mainly helps in reducing muscle soreness as well as fatigue during and after workouts. This mainly results in better, quicker as well as longer runs without feeling tired.
  2. The sports shorts also help to reduce the risk of strains.
  3. In the case of extreme sports, it’s mainly beneficial to have lower perceived exertion. Doing so can make the training sessions more bearable, as well as mainly help in improving athletic performance.

These are some of the important facts to know about sports shorts for women.


Adding Colour to your Home Decor

A beautiful wall tapestry is the perfect way to highlight and accentuate the theme of the house. For example, a uniquely designed and patterned Indian blanket could be the perfect wall hanging suitable for your southwestern style living room. While you’re getting plenty of beautiful tapestry online and in stores, it can be fun to get them from an art and craft shows from local sources. Not only will you add unique beauty to your living room, but you will also do your part to support local art.

 Are you afraid of colour because you are afraid of commitments? Colour is an effective way to bring personality and focus to the spaces of your home. Unexpected use of colour speaks volumes about your personal style as well as sets your home apart. Decorating your house with certain colour paintings  should not be challenging. Here are some creative ways to add colour to your home decor:

  1. Use colour from an emotional point of view:

Everyone associates colours with something they represent. For example, red may represent warmth, yellow to the Sun, blue with the sea and the wind and the green often represent the tree. In general, all of these are considered to be more sensitive responses to colour than intellectual responses. Therefore, you can use sensitive and emotional associations to bring their maximum effects into a space. You can do this by deciding which emotional effect you want in a room. Do you want to animate it? If yes, then yellows and reds are the ideal choice. Do you want to be subdued? If yes, brown and blues are best.

The Best Option for Natural Home Décor

  1. Consider the contrast:

Places of high contrast are seen as more clearly defined than any place that includes less contrast. A higher contrast space is the use of darker and lighter values of colours mixed with light gold. On the other hand, use low contrast houses with saffron yellow with sea green colours. The golden rule is to use the higher contrast to present admirable qualities to enhance the formality and higher contrast colours of your home. When paired, white and black look formal. Combining black and white is less of a colour value and more of a light. However, the white with beige is of short contrast with the feeling of comfort. Combining black and white with grey, you will enjoy a short key atmosphere and it will help create a resting place.

  1. Flow with the colours:

All you have to do to create a colour flow from your single room to another is to select the colour you are using in one room and then reset it separately in an adjacent place. For example, is your sofa green? You can use the same green for seating fabrics in your dining room. Use the colour to a small and large degree as you move around the house. The same green for the aforementioned living room sofa also applies to lampshades in your bedroom. You can also choose to keep mats inside the kitchen of the same colour.

 When it comes to decorating a house, not everyone has the time and money to change the entire decor. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative ways to decorate your home using colors and with landscape paintings artists . Apply the above strategies and you will surely be able to transform the look and feel of your home.

Traditional and religious scarves from around the world

Since the dawn of time, people have used clothes and accessories not only to cover their body, but also to show off their religious affiliation, social status, the family where they came from, and many other aspects of their life. Scarves are no exception and while for some cultures they represent a way of dressing up and making one’s outfit more interesting, for others these garments are used for religious and cultural purposes. Today, let’s take a look at three of these garments and the role they play for the nation whence they came.

Traditional and religious scarves from around the world

Spain- the Mantilla veil

The mantilla is a head covering scarf with religious connotations that has been worn by Catholic Spanish women since the end of the 16th century during prayer and worship. Because the Christian Bible requires women to cover their heads during religious ceremonies and in church, both Catholic and Eastern Orthodox women came up with a variety of specific head coverings for these occasions. Mantilla is a very lightweight veil, usually made of lace or silk, the traditional colors being black, which was worn when a woman stands in front of the Pope, and white, which is worn during the church wedding, as well as the audiences with the Pope, if the woman is the queen of Spain or one of the selected Catholic wives that has the so called privilège du blanc. Apart from these purposes, mantillas are also worn during the Holy Week, as well as the traditional Spanish bullfights. To fix them on their head, women use a special comb, called the peineta, which holds up the veil and makes the woman look taller.

Ireland- the Celtic scarves

Celts have been known for being excellent manufacturers from the beginning of time, and all of their clothes, including scarves, were bright and colorful. Both men and women used to wear scarves and they were decorated with distinctive Celtic elements such as the cross, knots, and shamrocks. Later on, their descendants, the Irish, not only continued the tradition of wearing these garments, but also turned them into practical accessories. For example, during the migration to the USA in the 19th century, women used the famous Galway shawls to carry their belongings, as well as to keep themselves and their children warm during their long and difficult journey. Celtic-inspired scarves are still widely used today as a fashionable item as well as a way of displaying one’s culture and paying respect to their ancestors. If you’re looking for these garments, at places as Gaelsong you can find the perfect traditional Celtic scarves.

Middle East- the hijab

Scarves are more than just a fashion accessory for Muslims; they also serve as head coverings, the most well-known of which is the hijab. Curiously, in Islam, hijab refers not just to the scarf itself but also to the concept of modesty. It is widely worn in the Middle East, but also in North Africa, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, as well as other parts of the world where there is a significant Muslim population, yet it is only required by law in two countries: Iran and Afghanistan. Although only black hijabs are considered proper in many places, such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, modern hijabi women use these garments not only to cover themselves, but also to make their looks more contemporary and creative. Some fashion icons, such as Indonesian designer Anniesa Hasibuan and Swedish-born Iman Aldebe, have even launched their own hijab collections, proving not only different creative ways to wear these scarves, but also helping in the transition of modern Muslim women into stylish and beautiful individuals.