Why Moissanite rings are considered to be the best gift for Women?

Moissanite Rings

Are you planning to gift your wife the most beautiful ring at your upcoming anniversary? Are you planning to buy the most beautiful ring for the lady you love the most? Whenever you are planning to buy a ring, be it any occasion, be it for your wife or girlfriend, always consider Moissanite Rings for the same. Moissanite Rings are not only beautiful, but also have the potential to seek the attention of women. Over the last few years, Moissanite has not become popular, but it has been successful in creating an exclusive fan base because of its attractiveness and brilliant looks. It is also found that not only women, but these days’ men also love wearing Moissanite Rings. Previously, it was always said that Diamond used to be the best friend of women, but over the change in time, people’s perception has also changed. One of the most obvious reasons is that the price of a diamond is reaching the sky each day and as a result, people are looking for the best alternatives of diamonds. This is one of the reasons why the demand for Moissanite is increasing day by day as because Moissanite is considered to be the closest gemstone if compared to diamonds and it is also easily available in the markets at a very reasonable price.  Although there are a lot of alternative gemstones of Diamonds, Moissanite is the closest one in terms of its hardness as well.

How & when was Moissanite discovered?

During the period of 1890s, Moissanite was found in a crater after a meteor crash at the Arizona Deserts. Moissanite was discovered by a renowned scientist, Mr. Henry Moissan and it was also named after him. After its discovery, multiple studies had been conducted by Mr. Moissan to convert the same into a dazzling as well as an attractive jewelry. A few of the best features of Moissanites are longevity, brilliance, and everlasting durability. Once compared to diamonds, they do have the similar dazzling looks and that too at such affordable prices. Also, it is not only an alternative of diamond, but also possesses various unique features of its own.

Moissanite Rings

How to choose the best Moissanite Ring for the lady you love the most?

Although these Moissanite Rings are processed in the laboratories, still they look natural and this is the main reason why women have a soft corner for Moissanite Rings. Also, until and unless the jeweler is an experienced one, it is one of the toughest jobs to differentiate between a diamond and Moissanite since both of them look similar. Similar to the other gems, Moissanites also have high-end varieties and to make your purchase a good one, you should always focus on the cut, clarity, color, and carat of the same. Apart from the above, since these items are considered to be luxury items and you would not be purchasing it very often, it is always advisable to focus on the quality without strictly sticking to the budget. Also, the arrangement and setting are two points that need equal attention as well. Based on the choice and looks of your loved ones, you need to choose between the elaborate and the solitaire ones. Also, the lady you admire and love the most might love the simple Moissanite Ring or the dazzling ones.

You should always invest quality time to select the best Moissanite Rings and should also do the same from a variety of designs as well as colors. Secondly, since it is a representation of your love and affection, you should always make sure that you purchase the Moissanite Ring from a reputed as well as a trusted seller so that you may rest assured that you have purchased an authentic, good quality and highly durable Moissanite Ring.

What are the 4C’s of Moissanites that you need to keep in mind?

Similar to all other gemstones and diamonds, Moissanite also has their grading system and based on it, the 4C’s of Moissanite is mentioned below in a detailed way. It is also based on multiple types of research conducted by Gemological Survey of America or popularly known as GIA and an experienced team from there had examined each of the Moissanite to get a better picture of the color and other important factors related to Moissanite.

Cut: Moissanite being a hand-faceted jewel, is always cut specifically so that its brilliance can be maximized and at the same time creation of maximum fire too. Also, the most experienced as well as top gem cutters are deployed for cutting of Moissanite.

Color: Although Moissanites are majorly colorless, a few of them have a tinge of yellow, gray as well as green. For example, the high-quality Moissanites offered by Forever Brilliant Moissanite has the presence of four grades which surely helps in enhancing its brightness as well as brilliance.

Carat Size: Moissanite, all across the world is sold based on its size and not the weight. Interestingly, it is said that an approx 7.5 mm Moissanite can easily fit in the setting of a one-carat diamond weighing around 0.90 Carats.

Clarity: Due to the occurrence of small inclusions during the growing phase of Moissanite, the same Moissanite stones pass through some quality standards before entering the market.

What do you mean by VG & G1 Moissanite Clarity?

Whenever a Moissanite is compared with a Natural Diamond, the top research associations have also concluded that both of their clarity is almost equivalent. The majority of the Moissanite available in the market are of Very Good (VG) Quality. This Moissanite is absolutely eye clean and might have some small inclusions such as faint crystals or feathers. There are minute flaws and can never be seen through normal eyes. The leading graders even after using 10X magnification find it very much difficult to find out the inclusions.

On the other hand,the G1 is available with the private label companies only. This Moissanite is also eye clean, but its inclusions may be easily found with the help of 10X Magnification.

Lastly, although considered to be the closest alternative to diamonds, Moissanite also has its features which make it a unique gemstone on its own. Secondly, being available at such a pocket-friendly price is also an important factor for its excessive demand.