Men’s Fashion: How to Accessorize your Outfit?

You might not have any difficulty to choose basic clothes but perhaps you also want to master the art of trendy accessoriesfor a more personal style. A belt, a Swiss wristwatch, a tie, etc., they will allow to perfect your look without takingany financial risk. It’s time to have an overview ofsome of the possibilities available to you. Accessories let you express your own sensitivity.

Choose an Elegant Belt

A belt is surely one of the must-have accessories for all men. Plus, you can wear it throughout the year. Other advantage: it can be matched with almost all pants like chino, suit trousers, jeans, etc. Know that the right fashionable belt is never too big. It should be quite thin and the loop should also be discreet. Choose your belt in a real leather tanned with vegetable extracts.

Do you wonder if you should match your leather belt and your shoes? Ideally yes. At least the colors should be assorted to each other. On the other hand, you can choose different material if you want. There are also canvas belts which are less elegant but stillfitted for acasual chic outfit. They are also perfect with shorts and chino in summer. Plus, they are available in several colors so you will have more possibilities to show your personality.

The Choice of the Wristwatch

Watch is almost the only jewel men can wear every day. However, many consider it as the last detail of their style. More than a practical item, it can be a beautiful fashion accessory but only if you purchase the ideal model according to your look.Yourwatch must be personal and adapted to your morphology, style, personality and especially your wrist.

Here is a shopping tip: tobe sure that a watch is your size, its case (the vertical extremities that hold the bracelet) should not exceed the width of your grip. Otherwise, it is too big. In terms ofwatch bracelets, notice that leather is elegant and comfortablein winter but much less pleasant in summer. A metal bracelet is better when it’s hot. Buy a Swiss model to be sure of the quality. By checking Louis Chevrolet watch price, you will see that this type of luxury watch for men is not always as expensive as you may think.

How about the Tie?

First of all, know that a tie is easier to wear than it seems. And this male accessoryis not just for workersand grooms outfits. So, you might be skeptical about wearing a tie everyday, but it really can provide an elegant touch to a streetwear style. Choose the design, color and material according to your preferences and that’s it!