What to Do with Gold Bridesmaid Dresses: Before & After Scenes to Know

Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

Thinking of ways to look ravishing in gold dresses is not a matter of joke. Moreover, when you are serving as a bridesmaid, your heartbeat is racing like never before. Unlike black or white, it gives out a risqué vibe. You cannot play safe but you have to safe, considering the event. You need to look smart and sexy at the same time.

 But, how do you break out your regular style? As you have been seeking the answer forever, your friend’s wedding is a perfect idea. Especially, she has chosen the dress color for you and other maids. Not to disappoint her, style your look following the below-mentioned tips.

Find the Perfect Design

Your choice does not match with other maids or even the bride. It is not even a mandate to match because you have the freedom of mismatching with the group. This one simple reason unlocks many dresses to try on. Let’s start with the very common, gold sequined dresses. The celebs might have been pulling off these outfits well but you can also slay the metallic discs. It may look a little bit of snobbish but it adds glam to the reception. You can also go for the embroidered gold bridesmaid dresses that exude unique art design. The contrasting color scheme unleashes your stunning side.

If the wedding is more of a fairytale affair than a retro party, you are better off with a princess style dress. It might have been your friend’s dream to look surreal just like a Disney princess. And when your friend is hosting a fantasy wedding, can you afford to look like Cruella? So, the princess style dresses are in high demand for the bridesmaids. In addition to the context, you can choose a backless style or side slit to appear as a glam celebrity. The backless design is modern and liberal at the same time.

perfect rose gold bridesmaid dresses

Get Suitable Shoes

For women who do mind taking risks, black shoes are ideal. A pair of strappy heels or regular pumps can create a contrast in the outfit. With the glittery outfit, one pair of suede shoes can make or break the deal. Just as black goes with gold, white is a safe choice. The white shoes match with dual toned gold and blush dresses on at any wedding party. However, gold on gold is going to add the chic factor in the outfit. In a way, you can make the fancy outfit even fancier with the whole gold tone. Again, another metallic shade which is silver goes pretty well. Above all, when it is a formal event, the silver peep-toed heels work well with the metallic dress.

In the end, there is another option left. This may not be ideal for the weak-hearted. A pair of burgundy or red shoes brings out a bold surprise in the outfit. If you have found a pale gold with a silver border, a pair of dark red shoes may be what you just need.

Be Subtle with Accessories

Overdoing everything gold is not a great idea. That’s why; stay away from gold and even silver. These two shades do not quite match with a gold gown. Nevertheless, you will miss out the title of the most elegant bridesmaid by a few points. To find answers, go with pearl earrings and pearl necklace. This will turn you into a traditional looking diva overnight.

For the bags, you should be a little bit more careful. The bags may fade out amidst the bling. A small clutch or a handbag with straps may stand out in the flashy look. Of course, choosing the color is not an easy job. Go with maroon, brown, or red to create a contrast.

If you wish to go with a cuter and sexier outfit, check out the range of rose gold bridesmaid dresses.

Author Bio: Tanya Lee is a blogger with years of experience in helping women to find the perfect rose gold bridesmaid dresses. Here, she discusses the important things to know before and after picking out one from the collection of gold bridesmaid dresses.