Tips For Simply And Cute Wedding Signs

Wedding Signs

Signs are one of the most important objects that we have in our daily lives. We have signs that tell us how fast to drive, which direction to go, look out for falling rocks and cow crossings. Needless to say, we have signs for just about everything. If signs are so vital, then we need to take the job of coming up with signs for our wedding to be just as important. Let’s take a look at some tips for getting cute wedding signs.


It all starts with handwriting. Maybe you are going to make your own signs that is a great idea, but you write like a preschooler doped up on a juice box. Don’t worry; there is hope for you. You can do a couple of things you can search for a local place that offers a calligraphy class, or online is a great place to find calligraphy classes as well. Maybe you don’t want to write on all of your signs. That’s okay. You should have some local calligraphers you can find online that you can hire to do the characters for you. Many times the same individuals that do calligraphy on an invite will also do signs. The only have to sign your name on the check.

Wedding Signs


Let get crafty! Using wood to make signs is a fun and creative idea. You can go to your local Michaels, and they should have some wood cut into different sizes you can use to either wood burn or paint cute little sayings on. Maybe you need a specific size or a particular wood, Lowe’s or Home depot would be where you want to go. Both hardware stores have a variety of wood you can select. They have saws that they can cut the wood into the size you need as well.


Maybe wood signs are not your thing. That is okay. You can get some other great DIY sign ideas from Pinterest. You could make paper signs or paint on glass panes; another great option is sewing signs from canvas or a fabric of your choice. Whichever medium you choose, you can get creative and make it work for your wedding.


Online Shopping

Not crafty? No problem. That is what the internet is for. We offer place cards and menu cards you can select and use, so you don’t have to worry about those signs. There are also other websites that you can search and go to and have those sites customize and make the signs you are needing, and they will ship the signs to you so all you have to worry about it putting them in the right location for your guests to see. If you are lacking on time and craft skills, this is a great option. You have to have the money in the budget to go this route.

Wheather, you are thrifty, crafty, or an excellent online shopper. You can and will find the perfect signs for your wedding; it may just take a little time and effort.