Best Photography Locations in Ireland


Ireland is not only one of the most romantic and historic locations in the world but also one of the most picturesque, attracting professional and amateur photographers from around the world

1. Glendalough

Located in the county of Wicklow, south of Dublin, Glendalough is one of Ireland’s most beautiful destinations. For thousands of years people have visited the “valley of the two lakes” and the monastery founded by St Kevin, who died in 618 AD. This is a remarkable site boasting a rich history, with the remnants of the monastery and the spectacular double tiered lakes. As well as offering abundant wildlife the location carries a spiritual aura to this day, and locations for photographers include the location of the hermit’s cell of the eponymous saint.

2. The Cliffs of Mohar

Situated in County Clare, on Ireland’s Atlantic coast, a poll of Irish Independent readers voted it their favourite visitor attraction last year. It remains the most popular site for visitors to the country. The 702-feet-high cliffs range for five miles above the ocean and have withstood the waves for over 350 million years. They are home to over 20 species of sea birds and rare flora. The cliffs are also part of the UNESCO Global Geopark, reflecting the outstanding geology of the area.

beautiful location

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3. The Dingle Peninsula

The most northern of the peninsulas in County Kerry, it extends beyond the town of Dingle and is the westernmost part of the island and Europe.

National Geographic described it as “the most beautiful place on Earth”, and it certainly offers spectacular views. Many believe this is Ireland at its best: green swathes, a navy ocean and star-filled skies which can be seen from the huge Inch Beach on many an evening, making it a magnet for celestial photographers.

4. Ring of Kerry

The world-famous Ring of Kerry is a 125-mile scenic route in the south-west of Ireland following the spectacular Wild Atlantic Way and offering breath-taking opportunities for photographers.

There are a thousand welcomes and vistas on offer!