Front-load vs top load washing machine, which is best? Read here

Buying A Washing Machine

Not all of us are familiar with all the appliances being displayed in the market, most specifically washing machine, and one of your most important decision is to have to figure out the features and functions of it that will suit all your needs. Washing machines come with a front-loader, a traditional top-loader but it does not mean that you know these two different types of washing machine makes you very familiar with it, and often times complacency will only lead us to regrets and mistakes.

However, there is nothing to worry about this because we prepared the pros and cons of each of the two types of washing machines to help you weigh-in with your decision in making the perfect choice to which wasmachine, will suit your needs.

Front-Load Washing Machine

Pros- This type of washing machine is perfect for tight spaces and small houses because it can be stacked in your desired area. It also has a large capacity or load which allows you to wash more clothes in a single time and can also load in bulky items even without to sacrifice its cleaning capabilities. Washing machines that are front-load provide better cleaning performance compared to top-load washing machines. A lot of front-load washing machines have also steam feature cycle that improves the stain removal for the clothes. It is also very energy-efficient since it uses less water in every cycle. Its high spin speed absorbs more moisture from the wet loads; meaning, you can cut down the time for drying your clothes.

Buying A Washing Machine


Cons- Because most front-load washing machines have more advanced technology, and have more special features, it is usually very expensive compared to top-load washing machines. Also, it may dry your clothes faster because of its steam feature, its wash cycle, on the other hand, can take more than 30-minutes and even an hour of cycle depending on the type of washing machine you have bought through its customized settings. It is also susceptible to vibrations if you put it on spin cycle, especially if it is not installed in a floor that is reinforced so it is not advisable to place it in a wooden floor, but rather on a concrete floor. Its design, meanwhile, is also susceptible to trap water inside which causes moist odor smell in the washtub from the detergent and the water used during the wash cycle.

Top-Load Washing Machine

Pros- This is considered as the traditional washing machine that is used mostly in many households because you do not have to bend over as much as you can when you are loading the clothes inside it. Some top load washing machines also give your a freedom to add more clothes after the cycle has started considering that it will not spill because the tub is facing upwards compared to front-load washing machines where you have to keep it closed tight to prevent water from spilling. It also has less vibration compared to front-load washing machines and it does not have a lot of instructions and mechanics that it makes it very easy to use.

Cons- Its cleaning performance is not that comparable to a front-load washing machine especially to clothes that are heavily stained. The tub is also too small to fit in large loads such as comforters and blankets. You cannot stack it also so, you have to find a place in your house to put it properly. It has lesser features with its wash cycles specific to the type of clothing loaded to it.