Diamonds are Forever – Why did Diamonds become the most sought-after Gemstone?

eternal love

For many years, people have believed that gemstones have magical properties and even health benefits. Gemstones have been prized for their different properties and meanings throughout the ages, from the Ancient Egyptian mummies, buried with Emeralds – a symbol of eternal youth, to more modern-day stars like Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, who were often seen on the red carpet adorned in diamonds.

Diamonds are as popular as ever and are still a girl’s best friend, and celebrities still opting to be seen at gala events, film premieres and  in the best restaurants dripping in diamonds. The reason for the enduring popularity of these precious gemstones is wrapped up in ancient beliefs and folklore. Diamonds have been believed for centuries to have the greatest healing powers, and in ancient times were used to cure people who had been poisoned, as it was believed they had the power to remove toxins from the body. Some believed that they were gifts from the Gods, created from the bolts of lightning striking the rocks and turning them to diamonds!

Diamonds are also representative of eternal love and commitment. They are the hardest gemstone, and one of the hardest substances on Earth (the name diamond comes from the Greek word ‘adamas’ and literally translates as ‘hardest metal’) so it is appropriate that they are given as tokens of enduring love. This is why they are so popular as engagement rings, and why sixty years of being married is named the diamond anniversary! They are packaged very carefully when being transported from the mines to the jewellery that will be cutting them. You can be sure that they will need a polystyrene recycling company such as to safely remove all of the packaging afterwards.

The way that diamonds are formed also adds to their allure – formed from carbon billions of years ago, the birthplace of the diamond is deep in the Earth, below the crust, in the Mantle. Heated to more than 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit, they are then delivered quickly to the Earth’s surface via volcano to cool down rapidly. Asteroid strikes are also thought to have been instrumental in the making of diamonds, as they create the heat and huge amount of pressure needed. Conditions have to be perfect for the diamonds to form, which makes them very rare. They are all thought to have been created between 1 and 3 billion years ago. The fact that these precious stones are not only beautiful but being formed over such a long time period makes them all the more sought after.


One thing is for certain, with such a mysterious and long history, the popularity of the diamond is going to endure for years to come!