Tuxedo Buying Guide: Tips When Choosing the Right Tuxedo for You

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Contrary to the belief of many, a tuxedo is not formal wear – it’s semi-formal wear for men. So when somebody stipulates a black-tie dress code for a particular event, a tuxedo is what they are talking about. Because according to the fashion expert, formal attire is a white tie. Black tie is way too far from the standard attire in today’s present time.

Probably, it’s so hard to look for an event or occasion that requires you to have tails and a top hat. So, when the time comes, it’s essential to get things right, especially in choosing the right tux for your body — with these few simple tips that you need to follow, picking the best bespoke tailor hong kong is an easy thing to do.

Though there are changes that have been followed in the whole concept of the black-tie as the year passes by, the standard appearance and feel of a tuxedo remain the same – sleek, elegant, and manly.

The only changes that affected every tuxedo are the method and materials used to create this kind of masterpiece. Some use viscose satin as an alternative for the silk because this material is cheaper compared to silk. Though using expensive and, high-quality materials will drastically affect the quality of the garment by enhancing its look and appearance.

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Essential Tips When Choosing a Tuxedo

  • Make sure it fits you right – a made to measure garment like a tuxedo hong kong should be cut in a pattern that will complement the man’s figure and body. So whatever figure you have, every man should look manly, elegant, sleek and handsome in a tux
  • Look for something high-quality – as mentioned earlier, if the tux is made from high-quality materials, it’ll create a look and vibe that is outstanding for the overall appearance of the tuxedo
  • Unique and sleek design – the common look of the traditional tuxedos comes with a shawl lapel in navy or black or a standard peak. Selecting a tuxedo with a striking color or textured fabric for the jacket can make an outstanding unique design on it. Also, adding some side adjusters for the tux trouser or a lapel with a personalized width and cut can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of the tuxedo.

Quick Notes When Picking the Right Tuxedo for an Event

Here are some exciting, quick tips to follow before heading out to your favorite tailor shop.

A Tuxedo Should be Made to Measure 

Of course, to make it perfectly fit for your body and figure is to create a suit relevant for your size. A nicely fitted tuxedo will always look good in every gentleman around the world, where they can shine differently apart from the crowd. The secret of having a perfect tuxedo fit like a glove is to be made according to your measurements. This is the very first step that you should take before hiring a shop that will create your tux.

It’s All About “Timing” 

If you have seen some groomsmen wearing black suits in the middle of the blaring sun in the park with looked off-kilter could be satisfying. A black-tie like a tuxedo is actually evening wear, but it could also be worn on the afternoon event. If the event invite indicates a black-tie dress code for any daytime event, then it is still okay to wear a tuxedo as etiquette to the invitation.