Parenting Tips: Baby Crib Feature To Look Out When Planning To Buy One – Read Here!

top rated baby cribs

            Choosing the right crib or looking for top rated baby cribs is a critical step in planning a nursery. When parents agree on the size and form of the crib, they will smartly choose additional furniture and decoration. Having the crib set up and put in the nursery is a beautiful moment for a new mother-to-be; she can begin to picture her precious baby at this stage, gently dreaming in a lovingly-prepared house.

            Your kid would spend a big chunk of the first two or three years in their existence in a crib, so be sure that you see that as an investment — it is having one that is made to last and the best possible crib. Here are some specific items parents can search for in a quality crib:

top rated baby cribs

  • Crib slats or bars should have a distance of no more than 2 3/8″ apart. Many researchers recommend deciding whether a drink will go through — if not, they are incredibly far apart.
  • Mattresses should be thick, durable, and not slacken under the weight of your infant. They should, therefore, touch any corner of the crib, and ensure that there are no signs for any gaps along the edges.
  • Look for a bed with a mattress that can be adjusted. The peak of the crib rail will reach 26 inches above the floor; when your child rises, you will have to lower the level regularly.
  • Headboards should be sturdy with no unnecessary cutouts, and always be sure that there are no pointy embellishments on them in the corners where children’s clothes could get stuck on.
  • Cribs with a drop-side no longer satisfy protection criteria for your baby (so if anyone wants to send you one, you can tell no).
  • Please do not mess with crib bumpers; there is no indication they are keeping kids happier, and older kids may be able to learn and use them to help them get out of the crib.
  • Make sure as you move it, the crib does not wobble but looks solid. When it moves, that may have been poorly brought together.
  • Check for any pins, bolts, or paint that might stand out on the crib somewhere. The crib’s color should not be peeling or splintering after it is done getting painted with your desired baby crib color.
  • When the crib is on wheels, make sure to lock them, mainly if the crib is on a wood or tile floor.


            Being first-time parents, you for sure only want the best for your first-born child. That is why you need to find only the best quality and top-rated baby cribs to ensure that your baby will be sleeping safe and sound in your home. A lot of challenges accompany parenting, just enjoy the process, and learn from it. There will be days where you might doubt yourself – that’s alright – you have to keep composed and trust the entire process of being a parent because it is a beautiful journey.