Change The Colour Of Your Eyes And Look Different With Color Contact Lenses

japanese color contact lens

Contact lenses are for the people who want to look more stylish and want to experiment their look with different eye colours. These contact lenses come in different colours and you can experiment with them to find the one that suits you best. These japanese color contact lens also come without power lens so if you just want to flaunt you can do that easily.

Types of colour contact lenses

The coloured contact lenses are made to mimic the coloured part of human eyes, called iris. Naturally many people have black or brown iris and for many people changing their eye colour is worth in flaunting their smartness and style. Therefore, for these people many types of coloured contact lenses are available.

  • Visibility tint

These are usually faint and do not deeply affect the colour of your eyes. They are made by adding some light green or blue tint in them, just to give you the feel of a contact lens.

  • Enhancement tint

The lenses made using enhancement tint are translucent and a lot darker as compared to the visibility tint. They are best suited for the people having light-colourediris and want the colour of their eyes more intense.

japanese color contact lens

  • Opaque tint

These are the lenses that can completely change the colour of your eyes. For the people having dark eyes, these lenses are the best to their eye colour. They are available in wide range of colours including violet, blue, hazel, brown, green, grey, and amethyst. These lenses are widely used in movies by the actors to change their eye colours according to their roles. But now anyone can buy these lenses through eyeddict one day lenses.

Are these lenses safe?

If you are having any doubt about the safety of using these lenses than don’t think too much. As these lenses are safe to use if you are prescribed to use them by a doctor. You also must take proper care of them before and after usage.

It is always best to visit an optician for getting your lens properly fit into your eyes. This will ensure the safety of your eyes and he or she can also tell you all the details for properly taking care of your lenses.

If you really like to look different from the rest of the crowd than buying a contact lens can certainly make your wish come true. With different types of lenses and lots of colours to choose from you can easily find something that can change the way you see things. But if you are buying any of these lenses than be sure to take proper care of them otherwise it can really affect your vision or create problems in your eyes.