Beard trends in 2019

Facial hair on men seems to be a trend that grows years on year and a well styled and beautifully looked after beard paired together with some wonderful Mens Farah Clothing that you can find from stockists such as, can really enhance a man’s appearance.

There are a number of trends in facial that have appeared in the early part of 2019 and here are some facts about each one to help you decide how to manicure your own style.

  • Designer Stubble


This look has not always been as popular as it is nowadays and back in the 1930s it would have been a sign that a man who struggling financially or emotionally if he emerged in public with five o’clock shadow. However designer stubble is one of the most popular facial hair trends in recent times. This is essentially somewhere between second day stubble and a full grown beard. It is one of the easiest styles to maintain and it suits almost any man.

  1. Goatee

This is another easy to maintain look with many academics choosing this option. Essentially any hair that is on the upper lip and chin area only can be classed as a goatee. The length of the hair will depend very much on the preference of the individual. It is a style that is preferred by those men who like to think of themselves as having a bit of an edge and particularly suites those with angular and slim faces.

  1. Short Beard

This is a neat, well kept beard that tends to be chosen by those working in the education and corporate fields as a full length beard many not be entirely practical in these industries. It is important that the beard is well maintained and trimmed regularly to prevent it from becoming wild looking. It is another style that suits almost any facial shape and compliments a variety of fashion personalities.

  1. Full Beard

You have to be a real fan of your facial hair to dedicate the time and attention that it needs to grow a full beard. It is a way of making a bold statement with your facial hair and the time it takes to maintain and keep it manicured should not be underestimated. Those individuals with oval faces can really make this look work for them. However, if you have a different face shape you will need to trim and maintain your beard in order to flatter your face.