What is the difference between stand-up tanning bed vs. lay-down tanning bed?

Indoor tanning techniques are the greatest beauty offering for tan aficionados. These tanning techniques do away with the hassle of basking under the sun for countless hours with an only little browning and more harm.

Given the gamut of tanning techniques to choose from, many are confused about whether to go for a vertical tanning bed or horizontal tanning bed.

However, to be able to make that choice, one should know how the two are different from each other. Having said that, your choice will also depend upon your tanning needs and desired results.

Let’s discuss the difference between the two tanning beds.

The Coverage they Offer

Tanners desire for even and flawless tanned skin. Patchy and creased tan lines can put you in embarrassing situations. When choosing a tanning bed, consider how much Coverage it can offer.

In a lay-down tanning bed, the side you are lying on gets blocked. Areas like the buttock, shoulders, and rear thighs may not get tanned. If you are lying on your belly, your front body parts may not get evenly covered in the tanning solution.

In vertical tanning beds, the person has to stand upright with arms lifted upwards. This ensures the entire body gets smeared in the tanning solution. The solution ejects from the nozzles evenly, further allowing one to have even and natural-looking tan.

vertical tanning bed


Stand-up and lay-down tanning beds use bulbs that emit light in different intensities. The higher the power of the bulbs used, the quicker and more robust the results would be. Usually, horizontal tanning beds use 120 Watts bulbs, while vertical tanning beds have 160 Watts bulbs. Moreover, vertical tanning booths also have unique reflectors for enhanced results.

Time Requirements

Vertical tanning beds use more intense waves as compared to the horizontal tanning beds. Thus, stand-up tanning beds have short tanning sessions. The sessions can be 10 to 15 minutes long.

If you have less time at hand but require effective tanning results, search for VersaSpa tanning near me and choose the one with the vertical booth.

On the other side, lay down tanning beds use less intense light, and thus, it takes longer to produce the desired result. You may need to spend at least 20 minutes on the laydown tanning bed.

  • Facial Tanning

Since our face comes in the direct contact of UV rays more than any other body part, you should look for a tanning solution that offers even tan. Horizontal tanning beds are the best option for even tanned skin. These beds are equipped with facial units that allow one to have the same skin tone as of the face.

In vertical tanning beds, there are no such arrangements. If you don’t wish to tan your face, cover it while inside the enclosure.

  • Skin Problems

Tanners are concerned about hygiene, and there is a legitimate reason to be. If you are prone to skin allergies or other such issues, the stand-up tanning booth will be the best choice. Since one has to stand in the vertical tanning booth, there is no chance the skin touches any part of the equipment. On the other hand, in a laydown tanning bed, your skin comes in the contact of the acrylic surface, which can cause you skin issues.

Uber Eats for Ordering In For Your Entire Family

The most famous food delivery service among the residents of the UAE is the Uber Eats. Not only residents, but you’ll find many tourists ordering in through Uber Eats at their respective hotels. The fast delivery in almost any corner of the city and the long list of restaurants is what makes Uber Eats special among its customers. The ease of ordering online by just a few taps and clicks makes it the most favorite apps among the Apple and Google play store. Apart from that, there many Uber Eats promo code UAE which allows you to have your favorite food at a lower rate.

Ordering in for Kids

Uber Eats is the most favorite food delivery service among families. How many times has it happened that you are not willing to cook for the day and you would like to order something for the entire family to have in dinner? But here comes the trouble, now that you’ve announced that you will be ordering in for the night, many people will tell how they want to eat different things. The children come first here. They might give you a long list of their favorite fried chicken they want, nuggets and some French fries. This is where Uber Eats comes to rescue, for children you can place an order from their favorite restaurants such as Mc Donald’s or KFC. You can use Uber Eats promo code UAE to get different kid meals at a lower rate.

Ordering for Teens

Now comes the teenagers, they don’t want to have what the children are having that is nuggets and chips. They want something else, like beef burgers, grilled burgers or pizza. This is where you place another order from their favorite restaurants at Uber Eats and get it delivered at your doorstep. With the help of Uber Eats promo code UAE you can their favorite food at a reasonable rate.

Ordering in for Adults

Now it’s time for the adults in the house to order in their food. They usually don’t enjoy what kids and teenagers love, that is the fast food, hence they would like to order in something else. With the help of Uber Eats, you can tell them the list of restaurants and their menu where Chinese, Thai, BBQ, Mandi, Indian, Pakistani or seafood dishes. Everyone can tell what would like to order in from the menu and you can place your order with the help of Uber Eats promo code UAE you can get a good reduction in your total bill too.

Advantages of Ordering through Uber Eats

So what were the advantages we observed when using Uber Eats for ordering in food for the entire family?

  • You get access to different restaurants and placing orders on different restaurants while sitting in the comfort of your home.
  • You get access to the menu.
  • You don’t get to leave the house to get different items from different eateries.
  • You get everything delivered fast at your doorstep.
  • You get to place multiple orders at the same time.
  • You get to save amount through Uber Eats promo code UAE.

What Are The Benefits Of Washerdryer Combinations?

A washer-dryer is a very important appliance in a household. They allow homeowners to wash clothes at home without having to spend a lot of money on laundry and cleaning. They are highly effective, inexpensive and an easy way to clean your clothes whenever you want.

The are much preferred by house owners because of the advantages they come with. When you choose a washer dryer combo rather than choosing a single unit washing machine and a tumble dryer. These benefits also depend on your current living situations.

washerdryer combinations

What are the advantages of washer dryer combos?

The benefits of using washer dryer combos are as follows-

Energy efficient

Combo machines, including washer dryers, use comparatively less electricity than the separate washing machines. This helps in saving energy costs. People often mistake these washers for using more energy, which is, in fact, the opposite. They are made using advanced tools and technologies that make them more energy efficient.

Simple to use

The reason why so many people use washerdryers combinations instead of using a simple washing machine is that they are simple to operate. Most of the washer dryers combos are equipped with automatic timers which let the users choose the washing cycle however they want. These combination dryers can also be converted from a washer to a dryer. You can wash your clothes and after the washing process is finished, you can dry out the clothes in the same machine itself without having to fully load the washing. You can do both the things in one go.


Variety of options

Other than using only one device, washer dryer combos come in different varieties.  There are hundreds of brands that produce washer-dryers to meet the specific needs of the users. These washer dryers are made using advanced technology. You can choose from different models and consider your needs before picking the right one. Some dryers come with different load limits depending on your preferences.


The best thing about combo machines is that it is only one machine, therefore, it saves space. You don’t have to make up space in your washing area for different machines. There are many compact washer-dryers in the market that you can choose from.

Less time consuming

You can wash and dry your clothes all in one process and the same unit. This saves your time and effort while you are doing laundry.  When compared to the traditional methods of laundry, this saves you several minutes that you can invest in doing something else.

If you want washerdryer combinations for your home, you can check out various brands online and check the online reviews and ratings regarding certain products and their specifications. You can also compare prices.

The Women Silk Robe Is The Most Elegant Nightwear

The types of clothes we wear tell a lot about our personality. The fashion we choose acts as the expression of our personality. Hence, we must choose the correct clothes which according to us successfully represent our true traits.

 Why silk fabric?

Summer fashion always has more variety than winter clothing. Summer is all about wearing light, cool and airy clothes, which are comfortable. When it comes to choosing the best cloth for this summer season, instantly the idea of fabrics like cotton. But luxurious fabrics like silk can also be a good choice. The reasons for choosing silk your summer fabric to are-

  1. The fabric is lightweight and soft.
  2. It is a hypoallergenic fabric that does not cause any type of allergies or irritation on the skin, thus protecting your sensitive skin.
  3. This fabric acts like a temperature regulator, which keeps you cool in hot temperatures and retains the body heat in winters, this is the best fabric to choose even for winter.
  4. It is a durable and long-living fabric.
  5. This timeless fabric can be used to make nearly all types of cloths, from shirts, nighties, robes, and even formal dresses., it can be the best choice for fabric.

women silk robe

The elegant silk robes!

  • Robes have been used, as the easiest to carry cloth for a long time, the variety includes the bathrobes, night robes, etc. Robes are the most preferred lingerie among women. The only reason is that these robes are both decorative and functional. You should choose it for your perfect nightwear because of the enlisted reasons.
  • A women silk robe is comfortable, which will give you a good quality of sleep. And it is the most elegant choice, and even if you are not dressed properly, and somebody pops over, you can still seem a modest person.
  • Robes are just perfect and can be versatile clothing, you can wear and be gorgeous if you go for the boudoir, or even wear it and relax while having your morning coffee. It is the perfect combination of glamour and comfort, which is quite a rare combination in the world of fashion.
  • Another reason to choose this amazing choice is that it fits any size. The women silk robe fits everybody perfectly, it suits your waist and bust size. This is the most worried, issue for women when it comes to clothing. You don’t have to lose or gain weight to fit in a lovely silk robe.
  • The price of this decent clothing might be a little expensive because a fine silk fabric is not a cheap deal at all. But the price truly pays off when you wear it. As soon as you wear a good quality silk robe, you feel confident and it makes you feel more relaxed.

Hence in all buying, a silk robe should never have second thoughts. It is the best nightwear you can have. Being comfortable and fashionable both at the same time is the specialty of this attire.