Bio Lab Exotique, my review

If you are in search of a multi-purpose oil that you can use throughout the year regardless of the weather restriction, you are in the right spot, i  been using Bio Lab Exotique oils since they sent me their press and media packs, gorgeous packaging, very very high end looking, and I came to the conclusion that it’s one of the more effective oils sold on the luxury skincare market. Having said that, it’s still an oil, so you won’t see much dramatic improvement in wrinkles and other imperfections. However, you can expect more balanced healthy-looking resilient skin with smoother texture if used properly without overdoing it.

These multi-use oils, precisely Elixir and Youth potions by Bio Lab exotique ,  promise us multiple benefits such as

ELIXIR potion :

– It helps your skin look and feel healthy.

-Gives a refreshing, ‘just came back from a holiday’ look

-Promotes wound healing, treats acne, helps control oily skin.

-Skin feels hydrated with a healthy glow

-Perfect to use on the plane/after a party/helps your skin to recover after stress

-Tip: it’s amazing as a makeup remover!

YOUTH potion:

-Boosts collagen production

-Preserves skin fibroblasts: a type of biological cell, that synthesizes the extracellular matrix and collagen

-Long-lasting hydration

-Gives your skin that ‘Instagram’ filtered look

-Tip: perfect as an after-sun or a makeup primer


My skin tends to get irritated easily from oil-based products in general regardless of how much I love them. However, I was very glad to find that Bio Lab Exotique products don’t break my skin out, which is indeed good news. I use the oil sparingly onto my face after warming up in my hands, and I didn’t notice any increase in sebum production day. My skin feels a lot less dry under heaters and air conditioners on the days that I use the oil.

The ELIXIR  potion is also a great alternative to my go-to Chanel Sublimage L’Extrait oil serum which you can use in between the serum and the moisturizer for more heavy-duty rejuvenation. If you are a skincare minimalist, then you could just mix a few drops of The Elixir to any of your lotions that you enjoy and just pat them into the skin. It’s actually something as moderation is the key when using an oil :).