Sensitive Lash Adhesive Glue

Sensitive Lash Adhesive Glue

We are sure that working with eyelashes for extensions had never brought you this much pleasure until you started working with Stacy Lash products. The manufacturing of all products of this brand is carried out in accordance with international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14000, which indicates their safety and compliance with sanitary standards.

Stacy Lash Sensitive: Why This Glue Won the Hearts of Tens of Thousands of Eyelash Extension Specialists

Stacy Lash lash adhesive glue for sensitive eyes is a professional tool that allows you to preserve the extensions in their original form up to 7 weeks. If you compare this one to cheap ones, you’ll only be getting lesser than what you paid for. Most of them wouldn’t even live up to a week. The tool comes packaged in tubes designed with a special lid and a special glue needle inside the tube, which ensures its hermetic closure even after opening. It’s packed carefully to protect it from any damages; it will prevent the glue from sticking inside the container and prolong its term of use. You can count on getting two months of use from an already opened tube without the risk of it losing its original characteristics.

So, what makes Stacy Lash sensitive lash adhesive different from similar products by other brands? First of all, the fact that you can work with it even in conditions of high air humidity (up to 70%): the drying time will still be the promised 1-2 seconds. It’s easier during application, and fast too.

The second factor is the maximum wearing comfort: the glue does not trigger inflammation of the mucous membranes and, due to the absence of latex, dries without pulling on the surface of natural hairs to which the artificial eyelashes are attached. Since the glue is made with safe and free from dangerous chemicals, there wouldn’t be any worries about damaged eyelids that might leave a permanent mark. The result will please not only you but also your clients who are guaranteed to appreciate your work.

Sensitive lash extension glue at  is characterized by its elasticity, softness, absolute non-toxicity and being gentle to the eyelashes and delicate skin of your customers’ eyelids. As a result, even after prolonged wear and removal of extensions, the natural eyelashes will stay completely intact. This is a better testament to your high professionalism than any other factors.