Iron Man Figures For the Big Boys: Toy Review

Everyone loves Iron man— whether it is the two year old boy you saw at the park watching an Iron Man movie, or a third grader boy who’s playing with his iron man toy, or a guy at mid 20s showing off his iron man figures. 

Yes, you definitely heard that right! Iron Man is an all time favorite for people with all ages. Whether you are someone who highly wanted to be Iron man or someone who idolized his billionaire Tony Stark self and his creative inventions and witty ideas.

Or perhaps, his humor and his looks that girls also love! Well, it is definitely no doubt how there are a lot of iron man figures being sell at the marvel store every single day because it is obvious how everyone are crazy over Iron man.

Well, Iron man you got it played right!

However, today’s blog post will definitely talk about a few about iron man figures and how this new toys are being used by the big boys. Let’s check this out!

Iron Man Figures Review

Iron Man here, Iron Man there— well, you can never have too much Iron Man! Remember how badass Iron Man is that every year his movies and collectibles gets even more way better than the previous ones. And by that, it is no wonder that it satisfies millions of fan and toy collectibles from all over the world.

Today, though, this blog post will review some of the best iron man figures available in Marvel stores.

Iron Man Mark 17: The Heartbreaker

Well, Iron Man is fond of giving his man robo suites names— i mean names that are really quite the catch like Heartbreaker.

Well, Heartbreaker has a similar color of the suite like the last previous Iron man suits, but this one is noticeable and a more larger one. This suit is definitely an artillery suite that it would need additional power, or a larger than the usual arc reactor of Iron man and an extra bulk to fire larger weaponry. On the chest part can be found small coils tucked back into the armor, it is quite noticeable and distinguishable.

All in all this suite is the perfect one, too bad it was not featured in the Iron movies. However this  iron man figure’s can be found at marvel stores!

Mark 35: Red Snapper 

Another one is Red Snapper! This is basically shown at the Iron Man 3 where it is the armor that crashes, blows up and traps Pepper. It was Tony’s disaster rescue suit.

However, the Red Snapper is a very underrated iron man figure, and thus it is a great deal for the price. Well, it was one unique Iron Man figure though, so everyone is all out dying to buy it.

In it’s details, it is obvious that the main attraction and feature of Red Snapper was his arms. It was intended to be a real disaster rescue suit, its large claws were made to move, lift and tear into things to rescue and people and buried below. Indeed the perfect rescuing!